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History Deconstructed and Re-Imagined

Full Tilt’s wider-fitting Evolution shell adds better fit, function, and styling to the company’s classic three-piece DNA. Built from the ground up with new molds and tooling, the new 102-mm-last shell offers an advantageous strength-to- weight ratio in a clean profile.


3 Piece Design
3 piece tech

The Evolution Shell features the Original 3 Piece design – a rear cuff which infinitely pivots with your calf, a ribbed tongue that offers a more natural, linear flex and a lightweight shell.

Wider Fit
Wider fit tech

With a 102 mm width, the Evolution Shell offers the same comfort and performance expected with a Full Tilt ski boot for those with a wider footprint.

Removable Outsoles
Removable tech

Constructed from a high grade polymer, the removable outsoles provide added grip and stability while hiking a steep ascent or walking across an icy lot.

New Cable & Buckles
Cable buckle tech

An updated cable and buckle system locks your foot in place for a precise edge-to-edge feel without applying pinch points.

45° Heel Lock
45 heel tech

A repositioned middle buckle allows for a 45° angle to securely lock your heel in place when applying pressure throughout the ski's tips and tails.

Smooth & Infinite Flex
Flex tech

Full Tilt's unique tongue design allows for a smooth, infinite flex which seamlessly shifts with your shin & ankle as you apply forward pressure in the boot. FT's tongues are also swap-able, offering a variety of flex patterns from 4 to 10.

Heat Moldable Liners
Heat liner tech

Featuring Intuition foam, the Evolution Shell's liners are heat moldable and conform to the unique contours of your foot – providing maximum comfort and warmth!

Ribbed Tongue
Tongue tech

The Evolution Shell features an all-new Asymmetric Ribbed Tongue which is optimized for the 45º cable position for the smoothest flex possible.

Forward Lean
Forward lean tech

Customize your stance to suit your skiing with an adjustable 3 position forward lean.

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